The Chronicles of Q'barra

By the Light of Day.

Whitecliff’s long night has finally come to an end. With the arrival of dawn, the town shifted back from the Shadowfell to the world and the party gets a well-earned chance to recover. The question is how long the respite might last, and whether our heroes can unravel the mystery of what has happened here.

Back at the Old Owl, our heroes turned their attention to decoding the journal they found in Evard’s tomb. It took several hours, but they finally realized that the journal, written by the missing Nathaire, revealed that Nathaire was going to resurrect Evard, somehow gaining power from Evard’s soul. The shadowfall must have been related to Nathaire’s ritual in some way.

Then came the visitor. A young boy, maybe 12 years old, had arrived at the Old Owl, looking for our heroes. He had been sent by his grandmother, a Vistiani fortune teller who needed to speak to the party.

The Vistiani revealed that Evard was not buried in Evard’s tomb. Instead, he had killed his rival Vontarin and it was Vontarin’s remains the party had seen in the sarcophagus. Nathaire’s ritual had resulted in freeing Vontarin’s soul, which had then possessed Nathaire.

A howling outside brings the discussion to an end. A pack of gray wolves, led by a werewolf, and stumbled across the Visitani cabin and attacked. Gloomhollow and Silverthorn were both hurt badly as they exited the house, looking for more room to fight outside. But they remained standing, and as the rest of the party deployed, the tide of battle turned. A lone wolf was soon running off into the woods.

Following Mother Grivaldi’s suggestion, the party headed for the ruins of the Vontarin mansion, guided by the 12-year old grandson. Upon their arrival, they discovered that the mansion was being used by a bunch of lizardfolk raiders. A fight through the rooms of the main floor killed the scales, and the party took a quick rest before the stairs leading down to a door, presumably to some cellars beneath the mansion.



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