The Chronicles of Q'barra

Knock, Knock

After taking a brief rest from clearing the main floor of Vontarin’s ruined mansion, the heroes proceed to see what is behind the door at the bottom of the stairs.

Opening the door, our heroes find themselves in a dank, dark storage area. Fortunately, the bard fires up a sunrod, allowing the party to bypass a trap at the base of the stairs. The room is clearly being used for storage, and the party spots a way out.

Moving further into these underground chambers, the party learns that Vontarin had expanded a storage area into a storage area – family crypt – menagerie – research laboratory. The party also learns that the scales they dealt with above are only half their problem. They dispatch the rest of the problem with relative ease, and finding no trace of Nathaire/Vontarin, they head back to Whitecliff.

Arriving just before sunset, the party finds many of the villagers seeking shelter in the church and nearby armory. Marshal Grimbold asks if they had any luck finding Nathaire, then reports on the happenings around town. A small, shadowy humanoid was seen lurking in the outskirts of town, and Grimbold expects more trouble come nightfall. Can the adventurers help?

The party goes in search of the shadowy humanoid. They find him, hiding in an empty store, and discover that more creatures from the Shadowfell have arrived in town. Attacked on all sides, the party manages to fend off several hounds and spirits, but the shadowy humanoid escapes.



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