The Chronicles of Q'barra


Dolurrh. also called the Shadowfell. is a place of gloom and despair. never brighter than twilight. Within this dark world is the desolate Realm of the Dead. where souls go at the end of life on Eberron. Some say that the ultimate fate of souls is to remain in Dolurrh and fade into the shadows, while others cling to a hope that souls eventually pass beyond the Shadowfell, beyond even the Astral Sea, to the place where the gods reside, Dolurrh is also home to creatures of darkness such as shadar-kai, nightwalkers, and death titans

Clearing out the armory was an excellent first step to helping the folk of Whitecliff make it through the night, but dangerous creatures still roam the streets. Worse yet, panic and despair have descended over the town.

Quickly binding their wounds, the party began a sweep through the streets of Whitecliff. They eventually drove a pack of dusk beasts ahead of them and cornered the beasts back near the armory. A brief fight ensued, and our heroes managed to eradicate the beasts, along with a Dark One that had slipped into town and was sniping at folks.

As they rested, a runner from the city militia found them and summoned them to the chapel. There, the party met Brother Zelan, who told of people at Evard’s tomb and how the night’s events seemed to originate from the graveyard. Hearing these tidings, the party heroically heads to the cemetery.

Upon arrival, the party is assaulted by ghouls, zombies, and shadows. After fighting off these creatures, the party discovers that someone has broken into Evard’s mausoleum and has pried open his sarcophagus. But his skeleton, wrapped in dark robes, lies there still – apparently undisturbed. The only other thing found is a leather bound journal, written in some kind of code. Dawn is breaking, and the shadowfall ends, allowing Whitecliff to shift back to Eberron. Our heroes gather up the journal and head back to town for a well deserved rest.



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