The Chronicles of Q'barra

Tax Collectors

Tired after a long day of marching in an unusually cold rain, you’re warming yourselves by the hearth of the Old Owl Inn in the town of Whitecliff. You’ve been travelling though the surrounding terrain for weeks and are now heading south to the city of Newthrone with the collected taxes from the nearby settlements.

When you arrived in Whitecliff, you discovered that the elemental powered riverboat you hoped to take to Newthrone was not functioning. Now you must wait a few days for some House Cannith artificers to finish repairs.

After hanging out in the common room of the inn, our heroes settle down for a nice, dry sleep. In the middle of the night, they wake to a strange sensation, followed by screams coming from the common room. They quickly arm and rush into the common room, only to discover Tilda d’Ghallandra, the inn’s owner, lying unconscious on the floor bar the bar. Overhead, small winged shapes swoop and attack – the carved gargoyles decorating the room have apparently come to life.

As the party battles the animated gargoyles, shadows phase through the inn walls and attempt to merge with the shadows cast by our heroes. Eventually, the party drives off or destroys all the gargoyles and the shadows. Searching about, they realize that a shadowfall has occured and Whitecliff has shifted to the Shadowfell.

Setting out to track a fellow boarder – a scholar who, along with his halfling servant have vanished from the inn – the party comes across Grimbold, town marshall, and a band of armed townsfolk. Quickly discussing the nights events, the party decides to help Grimbold by heading back to Whitehall to help clear the armory. Grimbold sends a couple guardsmen after Remy – the halfling servant who fled. There’s been no sighting of the scholar Nathaire.

Turns out the armory has been overrun with spiders. In the ensuing battle with the spider swarms, Silverthorn proves friendly fire isn’t as he nearly kills Mialee, the elf scout that joined the party this trip. Dude, the half-elf bard, and Gloomwhollow, the shade executioner that also joined this trip, are overcome by spider poison and fall unconscious before the battle ends. But the party prevails, and the armory is freed from the host of spiders.



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