Tiefling Necromancer


Rolth first came to the attention of our heroes when they were asked to retrieve the body of a young dragonborn warrior. Rolth had purchased the body, and had it delivered to one of his labs in Newthrone. Our heroes recovered the body, but not before Rolth had dismembered it. During this recovery effort, the party was exposed to a less virulent form of the blood veil plague.

Next, while searching for the missing elven entertain Ruan, the party met Rolth’s wanna-be true love, the crazy elf chick Jolista. Our heroes interrupted her playtime with a bunch of zombies she had created, learned that Rolth had sent her to kill the guests at a dinner party, and had shown up the following day to cart Ruan away.

The adventurers finally came face to face with Rolth when they discovered another of his hidden labs beneath the Hospice of the Silver Flame. The party destroyed the lab and found evidence that Rolth was researching blood veil at the behest of someone in the palace. But Rolth himself escaped.


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