Warforged Warlord


Created in a Cannith forgehold somewhere in Cyre in YK 984

Sold to the Kingdom of Breland, Hingeblade served in the armies of Breland for the last 10 years of the Last War. With the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold, Hingeblade was granted his freedom and recognition as a sentient being. Like many of the warforged, his presence reminded people of the suffering of the Last War. So he left, in search of a new home where he could strive to be something more than an instrument of destruction.

He ended up in the land of New Galifar and served in the City Watch, eventually becoming the Watch commander. In this position, he has been able to leverage his martial skills into a constructive force for the establishment of justice and order. He finds the ideals of New Galifar most appealing.


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