The Chronicles of Q'barra

Who is that Masked Man?

Our heroes continue their search through the ancient temple.

After successfully avoiding being caught up in a skirmish between fey and trolls, our heroes check out the rooms beneath the raised part of the grand catherdral. This area appears to be living space for the monks of the temple. It is also guarded by radiant tendrils and some animated anvils. A fight in close quarters ensues, but our heroes are victorious.

They then decided to check out the area behind the broken doors the trolls came through. They enter a large chamber with stairs ascending to a stone platform centered on a crystalline disk. Atop the platform, they briefly see two figures – a slender, cloaked humanoid and a lizardfolk dreadnoght. The creatures descend from the platform opposite to the party and vanish from sight.

The party climbs to this central platform and realize they are surrounded by troglodyts, lizardfolk, a troll, and an animated guardian. And none of these creatures are happy to see them! Combat ensues and the party entually emerges victorious, though rather beat-up.

Vencarlo's Tale

Vencarlo slowly limps from his cell, wincing with every step. Clearly he is in a great deal of pain, but despite that fact, his eyes are alert.

“Thank you,” he says simply. “You’re the answer to every prayer I’ve offered to the Sovereign Host. But I fear, as grateful as I am to be out and alive, that I’ve little good news for you.”

Ware the Warehouse

Despite loosing track of the Switchblade imposter, our heroes manage to locate a warehouse that seems to be a center of nefarious activity. They head off for an extended rest and make plans how best to assault the place.

The Shrine of the Silver Flame

At the urging of Demise, the party checks out a small shrine to the Silver Flame.

Screaming for Vencarlo

Our heroes have been sent by Switchblade to find out what Vencarlo has discovered. They learn that Vencarlo has vanished, but a demented artist named Salvatore Scream may know where he has gone. But wait, Scream is also missing! Demise, the wannabe playmate to Foostus, has an idea where to look next.

Where's Vencarlo?

As our heroes watch Vencarlo’s academy and home become a pile of smoldering ash, they are approached by a former student who’s been hiding in the ruins since Vencarlo vanished. He has overheard something the party may find useful.

The Plot Thickens

Our heroes stand outside the former Hospice of the Silver Flame. They now know the hospice was a front for producing the blood veil plague. They have destroyed the production facilities and have evidence that someone in the palace is involved.

But what do they do with this knowledge? And Rolth, the tiefling necromancer, is still on the loose. He’s sure to be annoyed with our heroes since they have destroyed two of his labs and locked up his crazy elf chick girlfriend.

Beneath the Hospice

As the party licks their wounds, they wonder where the trap door Eliza tried to escape through leads.

All Washed Up

Returning to dry land after their aborted attempt to investigate the sunken wreck, the party must decide what to do with their new found knowledge.

Another Warning

When the party returns to the inn, they find a note waiting for them. It is from the dragonborn elder who asked the party to recover the body of his grandson.

You have helped avert conflict between the scales and skins before. I hope that you can discreetly do this once again. A small group of lizardfolk has taken refuge in the sewers of Newthrone and seek to take advantage of the current crisis among your folk. I will send a guide to your at sunset.


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