The Chronicles of Q'barra

Storm's a Brewin'

Having fought their way past Olek’s runebearers, our heroes now discover that neither Olek nor the rune-bound tome are in the library. The clock is ticking as our heroes search frantically for clues as to where Olek has gone.

In Service of New Galifar

Trained in the art of rune smithing by the devotees of Onatar, the dwarf runepriest Olek Dael grew horrified by the destruction wrought during the Last War. Olek then had an epiphany – Force employed in service of order and light was far better than rampant chaos and darkness. If people would not listen to reason and work together, civilization must be imposed on them. Over time, Olek began to offer more of his praise to the Traveller.

When a rune-bound tome was brought by a party of adventurers to Newthrone from the Mountainroot Temple, Olek recognized it as a powerful relic from the Age of Demons. He stole the tome, seeking to invoke it’s runic power to summon an army dedicated to change and the creation of a new order of peace.

Olek fled Newthrone with the tome, heading up the Adder river, through Whitecfliff and to a vale nestled in the shadows of the Endworld Mountains. Stopping briefly in Restwell Keep, Olek passed through the King’s Wall and beyond knowledge.

The party is contacted by Vencarlo and Switchblade who explain the situation and hire our heroes to recover the rune-bound tome. The party agrees and heads to Whitecliff on an elemental-powered riverboat. From there, they travel to Restwell Keep on horseback and attempt to pick up Olek’s trail there.

They discover that Olek has holed up in an abandoned dungeon and they leave for it immediately.

As they approach, they are spotted by a medusa acting as look-out as they study the many statues in the area. Our heroes are triumphant in the ensuing battle, but Giberoth is petrified. As the medusa falls, a rune detaches from her body and attaches to the nearby Codren. Codren recalls from this arcane studies that the petrification can be reversed by applying the blood of the dead medusa to Giberoth’s stony lips.

After a short rest, the party discovers nearby stairs leading down to a double metal door – this must be the entrance to the dungeon! Hearing a bubbling sound on the other side, Silverthorn picks the lock and the party enters.

They find themselves in a long hall containing two sarcophagi and a bubbling font of water. Runes cover much of the floor, including a circle near the entrance that has a glowing section. Two minotaurs are visible and are preparing to charge.

Combat ensues and the minotaurs are joined by a hobgoblin. Soon, the minotaurs are dead and the hobgoblin has retreated to the bubbling font. Silverthorn teleports nearby as Codren slays the last minotaur, only to be hit by radiant energy and teleported to the glowing section of the rune circle near the door. He then charges forward again, seeking to skewer the hobgoblin. But as he draws near to the place he was earlier, he is again hit and teleported back to the rune circle. The runic bug zapper gives the party pause, but Codren and Giberoth figure out the operation and the party is able to come to grips with the hobgoblin and slay him. As he falls, a rune detaches from his body and attaches to Giberoth.

Final Stand

Maybe wanting to cow the public with a very public defeat of the party, or perhaps sensing that there’s no place left to run, the queen makes her stand in the courtyard, for all to see.

Terror in the Night

As our heroes finish pulling Switchblade and other survivors of the Watch from the rubble of the barracks, word arrives terror attacks taking place throughout Newthrone. Our heroes are urgently needed to deal with one of the threats.

Smoke begins to rise above the rooftops of one of the poorer neighborhoods. Racing ahead of the rest of the party, Silverthorn, Dude, Codren, and Izera find themselves facing a berbalang that is busy dropping clay pots of a flammable substance on the tenements below.

Who is that Masked Man?

Our heroes continue their search through the ancient temple.

After successfully avoiding being caught up in a skirmish between fey and trolls, our heroes check out the rooms beneath the raised part of the grand catherdral. This area appears to be living space for the monks of the temple. It is also guarded by radiant tendrils and some animated anvils. A fight in close quarters ensues, but our heroes are victorious.

They then decided to check out the area behind the broken doors the trolls came through. They enter a large chamber with stairs ascending to a stone platform centered on a crystalline disk. Atop the platform, they briefly see two figures – a slender, cloaked humanoid and a lizardfolk dreadnoght. The creatures descend from the platform opposite to the party and vanish from sight.

The party climbs to this central platform and realize they are surrounded by troglodyts, lizardfolk, a troll, and an animated guardian. And none of these creatures are happy to see them! Combat ensues and the party entually emerges victorious, though rather beat-up.

Vencarlo's Tale

Vencarlo slowly limps from his cell, wincing with every step. Clearly he is in a great deal of pain, but despite that fact, his eyes are alert.

“Thank you,” he says simply. “You’re the answer to every prayer I’ve offered to the Sovereign Host. But I fear, as grateful as I am to be out and alive, that I’ve little good news for you.”

Ware the Warehouse

Despite loosing track of the Switchblade imposter, our heroes manage to locate a warehouse that seems to be a center of nefarious activity. They head off for an extended rest and make plans how best to assault the place.

The Shrine of the Silver Flame

At the urging of Demise, the party checks out a small shrine to the Silver Flame.

Screaming for Vencarlo

Our heroes have been sent by Switchblade to find out what Vencarlo has discovered. They learn that Vencarlo has vanished, but a demented artist named Salvatore Scream may know where he has gone. But wait, Scream is also missing! Demise, the wannabe playmate to Foostus, has an idea where to look next.

Where's Vencarlo?

As our heroes watch Vencarlo’s academy and home become a pile of smoldering ash, they are approached by a former student who’s been hiding in the ruins since Vencarlo vanished. He has overheard something the party may find useful.


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