The Chronicles of Q'barra

Invitation Card

As each of you goes about your daily business, you discover a card placed among your gear where only you would find it.

I know what Gaedren has done to you. He has wronged me as well. I know where he dwells, yet cannot strike at him. Come to my home at 3 Lancet Street at sunset. Gaedren must face his fate, and justice must be done.


The first floor of the fishery is secure, the orphans have escaped into the city streets, but Gaedren is not among the dead. At least one human escaped to the upper floor, and there is still the old barge moored next to the building. What do our heroes do now? Plunge headlong into a pursuit up the stairs? Carefully search the first floor? Maybe plunder the barge. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

In Search of an Inn

Having discovered that Zellara was dead when they apparently met, and now having recovered a broach belonging to the queen, the party decides to find an inn, return to Zellara’s, and visit the queen, all in that order. Or was it find an inn, return Zellara’s head to the queen, and return to the broach?

Whatever their plans, the party leaves the old fishery and realizes something is wrong. It almost seems like a riot in the city is underway. Something siginifcant has happened in Newthrone.

Lord Khalar Velderan

The dragonshard trade is the foundation of House Tharashk’s wealth and power. The Dragonmark of Finding gives the house an unbeatable edge when it comes to prospecting.

Tharashk’s operations in Q’barra are controlled by the Velderan clan. Lord Khalar Velderan is a cunning and ruthless man. In his youth he was an inquisitive in Sharn, and he’s comfortable fighting with either words or steel. Khalar is human, but the majority of the Tharashk forces in the region are orcs or half-orcs. The house has also brought large numbers of monstrous mercenaries to Q’barra to serve as laborers and guards

The Dead Warrens

Newthrone’s vast graveyard, a place known as the Gray District, is a mournful place even by day. The District is riddled with underground chambers, some of them burrowed by ghouls or other monsters, others remnants of ancient dragonborn burial grounds.

The dragonborn body was delivered via wheelbarrow to a partially collapsed mausoleum deep in Potter’s Ward, near the southern edge. A toppled and headless statue of a sword-wielding gargoyle lay in the dirt near the mausoleum’s entrance. The body was left behind the gargoyle.

Execution Day Aftermath

The queen is outraged, Trina has escaped and has yet to be found. Convinced of her innocence, our heroes wait to see if they can help.

And as they wait, Dak, Foostus, and Silverthorn all begin to suffer headaches, fatigue, and minor blistering of their faces.

Pale Rider

The party accompanies Grau to the Citadel, bearing the body of the watchman killed in the alley. There are more people than normal around the place, some showing early signs of the blood veil plague. The party and Grau report to Switchblade.

Pale Rider II

Searching for an elf entertainer named Ruan, the party discovers that everyone attending the party Ruan was hired for is apparently dead from blood veil. Except some of them seem to be pretty active for dead people.

Another Warning

When the party returns to the inn, they find a note waiting for them. It is from the dragonborn elder who asked the party to recover the body of his grandson.

You have helped avert conflict between the scales and skins before. I hope that you can discreetly do this once again. A small group of lizardfolk has taken refuge in the sewers of Newthrone and seek to take advantage of the current crisis among your folk. I will send a guide to your at sunset.

All Washed Up

Returning to dry land after their aborted attempt to investigate the sunken wreck, the party must decide what to do with their new found knowledge.


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