Tag: NPC


  • Gaedren Lamm

    Gaedren Lamm, hunchbacked thieving snake, plague on Newthrone’s forgotten children, and all-around despicable wretch. He's a deplorable crook well past his prime, yet possessed of a tenacious ability to stay one step ahead of the City Watch while …

  • Switchblade

    Created in a Cannith forgehold somewhere in Cyre in YK 984

    Sold to the Kingdom of Breland, Hingeblade served in the armies of Breland for the last 10 years of the Last War. With the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold, Hingeblade was granted his …

  • Queen Athalia

    With the unexpected death of King Sebastes and the apparent eath of his nephew Ven in the ensuing "domestic disturbances", Queen Athalia finds herself the undisputed ruler of New Galifar and self-proclaimed queen of Q'barra.