House Rules


  • Critical Miss: On a die roll of “1”, a character can either drop his weapon/implement or grant combat advantage unti the beginning of his next turn.
  • Second Wind: A character can use Second Wind as a move action by forgoing the +2 to all defenses.

Character Creation

  • one free expertise feat
  • backgrounds – background limited to those from General, Eberron, and Scales of War Adventure Path.
  • Deities – Eberron only.
  • No need for inherent bonus – there are enough common magic items to fill slots.
  • Languages – Q’barra was a major battleground between the dragons and demons, and is littered with ruins from that time. If you’re not sure what languages to take, Abyssal and Draconic are not bad choices.
  • Each of you was wronged in the past by a man named Gaedren Lamm. What did he do to you?
  • Motivation
    • What is one thing your character would like to accomplish during this campaign?
    • What is your character passionate about( (an ideal; a person, place, or thing; a goal)
  • Notable Live Event
    • What did you do during the Last War?
    • Where were you on the Day of Mourning?
    • What was one heroic thing you did before this campaign?
  • Background
    • In one or two sentences, describe a major figure in your PCs life – a mentor or rival that is not a party member. (Background)
    • No one is perfect. What character flaw do you possess? This could be a physcial or emotional scar, an attitude problem, or anything else you can think of. (Background)
    • How is your character connected to at least one other party member? (Background)

Magic Item Rarity
The following magic items are common and readily available for purchase by PCs.
(from DnDEssentials.pdf, p3)

  • Armor
    • Black Iron Armor
    • Magic Armor
    • Sylvan Armor
    • Veteran’s Armor
  • Weapons
    • Defensive Weapon
    • Magic Weapon
    • Vicious Weapon
  • Implements
    • Magic Orb
    • Magic Staff
    • Utility Staff
    • Defensive Staff
    • Magic Wand
    • Magic Tome
    • Magic Rod
    • Rod of Dark Reward
    • Rod of Hope Triumphant
    • Magic Holy Symbol
    • Symbol of the Holy Nimbus
    • Symbol of Vigor
    • Magic Totem
    • Autumn Harvest Totem
    • Pure Spirit Totem
  • Arm Slot Items
    • Bracers of Might Striking
    • Bracelet of the Radiant Storm
    • Shield of the Barrier Sentinels
    • Shield of Deflection
  • Feet Slot Items
    • Boots of Striding
    • Boots of Stealth
    • Boots of Surging Speed
    • Boots of Quickness
  • Hand Slot Items
    • Parry Gauntlets
    • Gloves of Grace
    • Gloves of Agility
  • Head Slot Items
    • Diadem of Acuity
    • Goggles of Night
    • Helm of Battle
    • Circlet of Indomitability
    • Headband of Perception
  • Head Slot Items
    • Amulet of Protection
    • Elven Cloak
    • Safewing Amulet
    • Collar of Recovery
  • Waist Slot Items
    • Belt of Vigor
    • Belt of Vim
    • Girdle of the Oxen
    • Belt of Blood
  • Potions
    • Potion of Healing

Skill Challenges
I will be using the skill challenge rules as written in the Rules Compendium. Think three strikes and you’re out.

House Rules

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