House Tharashk

Tharashk crest
House Tharashk has its roots in the Shadow Marches, where the Mark of Finding was first discovered among humans and half-orcs. With humans, half-orcs, and orcs being blood members of the House, Tharaskh has a unique blend of cultures that few of the more selective Houses can boast. There is a vibrant sense of life to the House, with three distinct peoples contributing their vision to the whole.

Tharashk is less a House than an allied collection of individuals, clans and families. The solitary nature of investigators, prospectors, and bounty hunters usually means members look after themselves. When dealing with the outside world, they are a House. Inside, things are not so monolithic. Clan allegiance is usually even more important than loyalty your immediate family.

While orcs cannot manifest the Mark of Finding, their strength, bonds with nature, and simple spirituality is recognized within the House. It is often they who act as a voice of reason keeping other members grounded in reality.

Shifters have carved significant places for themselves in the Finders Guild. Not too interested in prospecting generally, many weretouched find the idea of investigating or hunting down a bounty appeals to their soul-deep desire for the hunt. Clues left at a crime scene are just a different kind of trail to sniff out and follow, while a criminal who flees is prey to be gleefully stalked.

It may be surprising, but even though the youngest house, House Tharashk is one of the richest. Their wealth comes from a number of different sources: specialized mercenaries, prospecting, bounty hunting, and their true money maker, Eberron dragonshards.

The majority of this house’s business is extracting and processing dragonshards for myriad magical uses. It entered the mercenary business in the waning days of the Last War, using monstrous shock troops from Droaam, and it also has a steady demand for its inquisitives, who specialize in locating stolen goods and missing persons.

House Tharashk

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