The Chronicles of Q’barra

For centuries, some people put their loyalty to Galifar above their ties to any single nation. Such folk were traumatized when the Last War shattered the kingdom they loved. Among these Galifaran patriots was Duke Ven ir’Kesslan of Cyre, who petitioned for and was granted, in 928YK, rights to settle the land east of the Endworld Mountains by the king of Cyre. Here, in the jungle-covered peninsula called Q’barra by the Lhazaar pirates who first discovered it, the Cyran noble envisioned a land where those who refused to fight their brothers and sisters could start a new kingdom based on the frayed ideals of ancient Galifar.

Impressed by the beauty of the land and trusting the mountains and seas to shield them from the
ravages of war, ir’Kesslan, who became King Ven of Q’barra, vowed his new nation would remain
true to the ideals that had held the Kingdom of Galifar together for almost a thousand years.

Though truces have been struck and full-scale war avoided, the settlers of Q’barra must still contend with hostile lizardfolk, Valenar warbands, Lhazaar pirate raiders, and kobold marauders from the Endworld Mountains. Recent discoveries of large deposits of Eberron dragonshards have brought House Tharashk and a swarm of prospectors to the region. Tensions among the various groups of settlers continue to run high, especially with the arrival of large numbers of Cyran refugees.

The Chronicles of Q'barra

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